Mists of Salamira

[rules update] Advancement Points


Now as your characters are quite high in their level with most of you in the heroic tier (some even halfway to legendary), advancement should – and will – slow down.
We're still going to use the AP as we did previously, but the points will be calculated differently, as such:

1 AP for participation. If you are there but do not participate, no AP.

1 AP for a summary of what your characters learned, which might be in a diary entry form, a short sentence or two stating facts or whatever you feel is appropriate.

1 AP if your character has made a bad decision or failed a crucial/important save/check that shifted the story onto a different course or hindered you or the party greatly – as you learn from your mistakes.

1 AP for overcoming a major obstacle, regardless of that being personal, (resolving an issue from your character's past), combat-related (defeating a boss) or campaign related (helping two opposing nobles make peace). 

So it's generally going to be 2-3 AP / session with about every 3rd being a major one with that extra AP in the end.


rufus_DM rufus_DM

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