Mists of Salamira

To Salamis

The Red Boar inn turned out to be pretty empty, except for the somewhat suspicious innkeeper, who turned out to be a horrible cook as well when the party wanted to eat something the next day. The innkeeper told the characters how sorry he was, but now that her half-giant wife was out of town for a few days (as she does every month), he didn't really think anyone would want to stay there. He offered to go get some supplies, but locked them in when he left – which told the party that there were things he wanted to hide.

After a few minutes, they found a magical lock on a door to a staircase; opening that meant finding the wife of the innkeeper in chains. She was no half-giant, but a fully developed hill giant – under some sort of spell. Quill managed to break the spell and that turned the giant back into her original half-giant form – but didn't really help her mood. The wife explained her husband and she got some extra profit from people seeking a good fight during the days she was a dumb full-giant and now the whole business will suffer.

The party obviously decided to leave as soon as possible. After some careful consideration, they returned to Gerana to make use of the Church-controlled teleportation grid that might take them to the capital in an instant. It turned out that using the Ecclesial Ring is free, but you have to take a purifying bath and make a confession in order to be allowed to use it.

After Sei's insisting that she was cursed and not allowed to even enter a temple, Quill tried relieving the sorceress of that – and to the avian's surprise, Sei did turn out to have been cursed by birth. But, now that curse has been lifted, they all proceeded to take a holy bath and they all confessed, some more honestly than others – and finally arrived to Salamis shortly after.


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