Mists of Salamira

Villains of Salamis

A small group of Salamiran guards and a paladin from the Bannerkeep has been dispatched to greet and guide the party through the capital. After a short detour to try buying themselves permits to cast spells freely (and falling short on the gold required to do so), the team went to see the Old King in his humble palace, often referred to as the Living Crypt.


Besides meeting some influential characters of Salamis' court, they explained the dire situation the kingdom seems to be in, i.e. that the last Medan Witch King is about to return, using his influence on the most important kata and unleashing the True Mist to disguise the whole process. The King proposed some questions to check the validity of the information and was eventually made to believe most of what he had heard.

Salamis ordered the paladin, Bearer Astra to continue and guide them as long as she could and told the characters to see Master Torgen, the headmaster of the Royal Hall (and thus the first wizard in the city and kingdom) as he had already conducted plenty of research on the Medans and the True Mist. This stroke a sensitive nerve with Relcor as it was Torgen who used his influence as a headmaster to render it impossible for Relcor to become a royal wizard and forced his father out of his job after an intellectual dispute between the two of them…


On their way to Torgen's tower on Iridium Hill, they were attacked by several assassins bearing marks of the church of Lilith. After the initial moments of surprise that almost claimed some of their lives, they managed to get the better of their attackers and repel them. Remembering the regulations of the assassins, which states that after a failed assassination attempt, the victims have a right to learn who ordered their deaths, the team made a short detour to the central temple of Lilith.

On their way, they met an old enemy: father Taurus Wenn, the inquisitor from the kingdom-wide-banned order of the Swordcross. He had some additional muscle with him that included some fighters from the party's past ventures. The inquisitor disregarded Astra's call for peace and a right to pass – and was lifted up in the air by Sei's telekinesis. After the priest insulted the tiefling's family and bloodline on multiple occasions and after hearing his friend's approval, the sorcerer dropped Wenn from a 120' height and he was crushed death. Astra decided to bring him back to life and let him atone, but after it became obvious that he intended to do no such thing, Quill finished him off for good.


In the central temple of Lilith they later found out that it was, in fact, Master Torgen, who hired the thus-far quite successful assassination team; and that he had also left a small gift for Relcor, should they survive. The gift was an old calligraphy kit that belonged to the warlock's mother and that was inherited by his sister Reia, who was still living in Salamis. 

Making their way to Reia's home, they didn't find either her or her husband there. But they met their servants, including Somol, who explained that Reia and her baby are with Master Torgen as she has been hired by the wizard as a personal scribe. To help out their small family with an extra income, he said.

The party was offered shelter and bed; they took the offer and decided to rest before actually visiting the headmaster – or taking any action against him. The city had other plans though. In about two-three hours, the ground began to rumble, and they soon saw the very tower where they were supposed to go, Torgen's home, collapse.


Making their way to the site as quickly as they could they found a dome that somehow protected every building nearby – and that prevented almost everyone from entering. Almost everyone, except for Relcor, who could pass as if the dome never existed, and he took a Quill-turned-magpie bird in his hands with him. The others shortly followed by the help of Malagar's spell of traveling between planes.

Inside, in a thick, almost unbreathable air, a cloud of dust and winds of negative energy, they soon discovered a fountain that had been left intact, water running, gold coins in the basin, everything. Quill immediately rushed in to grab some coins – but was grabbed herself by a water weird that guarded them. While the party was trying to free her, the avian also noticed a chest, visible and prone-to-touch only when you have water in your mouth from the fountain.

By opening it, they unleashed an air elemental and some floating swords that, followed shortly by a chain lightning trap, almost completely wiped out the party. The traps and the elemental seemingly concentrated its attacks on Relcor – another sign that all this was prepared for his undoing.

They eventually managed to defeat the elemental and the swords. After seeing that there was, in fact, seemingly nothing – or, more precisely, a piece of the Ream Beyond the Stars, trapped inside the chest, they decided to take some time to recuperate before making a choice as to how they should proceed…


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