[dead] Master Torgen

villain by and for Seth


A few years later he was in a disagreement with the headmaster of the Royal Hall, Torgen, a powerful wizard and well-respected throughout the capital. It started as a scholarly dispute over the nature of magic and reality and the physical and metaphysical explanations for it. After heated arguments, the disagreement devolved into ill will, with Torgen feeling humiliated in front of those subordinate and under him. Insulted, he had Relcor’s father removed from his position. He started digging up dirt on Relcor and found notes and books, forbidden and ancient tomes. Much of their content, whether dark magic or rewritten histories, could be incriminating, though Relcor was motivated and interested out of scholarly curiosity. Torgen brought this to Relcor, demanding he not only step down never to return, but also a hefty sum of gold, one which broke Relcor…
He learned that Torgen was not only a rival of opposite academic views but a dark and powerful wizard, who knew some of Relcor’s secret studies long before he claimed to stumble upon the forbidden knowledge Relcor was learning. Torgen in fact felt threatened and deposed of Relcor at first convenience, in attempts to prevent any further gains in power that might threaten his position.


[dead] Master Torgen

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