Mists of Salamira

Returning to the Hand

While more or less recuperating at the Monastery of Taurica, Quill managed to lift the curse that had forced Relcor into a constant state of unrest and exhaustion after reading the forbidden scrolls from Gerana.  Fletch unfortunately decided that the amount of adventure that had befallen him since joining the party became enough and left.

The heroes visitied the First Witch Callisto before departure; it seemed that the influence on her was gone as well. She was extremely grateful to the characters and promised them a safe heaven if they ever needed one. In Viola they acquired some additional magic items and left for the Hand of the Creator to finally get back to Salamis and see the Old King.

Upon arriving to Gerana they interrupted an unrest in the port district, where a group of slythak slavers decided to maximize their profit from the gwyllt before it would be outlawed everywhere. While liberating the slaves and fighting on their galley, the party had to endure a suprise flurry of fireballs that came from the same cultist they had encountered at Blackmoon Rock. It seems the man kept a heavy grudge – but had to retreat again after Sei defeated him again.

After all the hustle in the docks and the slavers defeated, they were invited to meet the Crimson Lady, ruler of Gerana. They accepted the invitation, hoping they would find a teleportation circle or some other quick way to get to Salamis. Instead they found a coven of vampires in the Marble Palace, led by the Crimson Lady.

In a quick and rushed series of events, they discovered, disarmed, kidnapped and finally destroyed the ruler of Gerana in a "colorful rainbow of death," (thank you, Seth :) ), before fleeing the city and finding a place to rest in a humble tavern about two hours away from the Marble City…

Game term update VI

All characters, mostly just barely, but made it through the adventure. They all gained a level for reaching a milestone both in their journey to stop the True Mist and in discovering the secrets of Salamira.

Quill gained 5 AP, for a total of 9 (of 10 that's necessary to reach her next level).
Sei gained 5 AP, for a total of 12. She gained an additional level; now she's at level 10 with 2 AP (of 11 that's necessary to reach her next level).
Relcor gained 2 AP, for a total of 3 (of 10 that's necessary to reach his next level).

The First Witch and the Sea

We left off with the party arriving among marble ruins of what seemed to had been a palace of sorts to find a large number of wolves slowly getting closer. As the others found higher ground for safety, Sei noticed a wolf she had previously dreamed about turning into Malagar and decided to call that one out. To the party's surprise, the pack seemed frightened by this act and backed away while the assumed-Malagar got closer. He also signaled the party towards the remains of a wall that would be able to hide them.

Scouting the area using Sei's pet bat, the party soon discovered that a group of bloodhawk avians, led by a half-elf female and a huge bloodhawk male is approaching. As they arrived, Relcor identified the staff in the half-elf's hands as the Staff of Eclipse, a unique artifact of great power and threat. They witnessed as the avians began to chain the wolves down who all seemed to be affected by the leaders' magical powers.

They immediately interfered and after a little rough-and-tumble they managed to identify the half-elf as Callisto, the First Witch and Queen of Taurica – and banish her into the Nine Hells for some amount of time. This seemed to break her spell not only on the wolves, but also on the avians who had left before the queen could have returned from her banishment. Meanwhile, Fletch made away with the Staff of Eclipse that the half-elf had left behind.

With the tables thus turned, the First Witch was more than willing to cooperate with the party and agreed to turn Malagar back into a human form and do what she could to stop the executions. She also explained that the executions and the whole ritual she was about to perform is to please the kata Tsere, with whom her father, a drow, struck a pact with to protect the island. Callisto also told the party that this was the price for surviving against the True Mist, which they had never experienced. She then returned to her palace virtually unharmed and invited the characters to join her there the next day.

As Malagar turned back, he told the characters that soon some monks will arrive and probably help them find a safe resting place, which happened in a few hours. Friar Loanar and his company led the party back to their monastery, fed and rested them. On their way there, the monks explained that Callisto's pact prevented their communication with the Church in other parts of the world and they also couldn't have left the island, and so they did what little they were allowed to do here.

Malagar and the monks also explained their theory of what was going on: the kata that Callisto had to serve was not Tsere, but instead Aquarius, the Water-bearer, one of Zodiacs – the most powerful katas that each rule over a month. It seems that the Moaning Caves where the executions were conducted every month were actually sacrificial grounds for Aquarius, who was responsible for turning the so-called-executed into the disfigured gwyllt. They also said they thought that Callisto was either unknowing of all this or under the spell of Aquarius to serve his will.

The party decided that, even though Malagar predicted that at least one of them will never return, still go and try to stop whoever was responsible for all the weird and evil on the island. They arrived just in time to find Fletch opening the very ground above the Moaning Caves using the Staff of Eclipse, thus forming a seawater-filled entrance inside what turned out to be the very home of Aquarius.

In a fight of epic proportions, they managed to defeat the kata; first with Quill's lightning, then, as it was about to regenerate and unleash additional wrath and horror on the group, with Relcors's well-timed spells.

Unbeknownst to them, at the same time the kata had been killed and banished back to the Feywild, every gwyllt in the world somehow instantly regained a huge portion of their lost intellect and mind, memories and skills, and every slaver and master to them became aware of the wrong of their ways.

In a sense, in just a minute, the party liberated every single gwyllt of the known world.

Game term update V

All characters made it through the adventure.
Quill gained 7 AP for a total of 11. By drawing a scene from the last two games, she also received an extra AP. She is now at level 8 with 4 AP (of 9).
Sei gained 7 AP, for a total of 7 (of 9).
Relcor gained a level after reading the forbidden scrolls. He also gained 4 AP, for a total of 9. He is now at level 8 with 1 AP (of 9).

The Chambers of Akasha

The Bluenose, a cog that belongs to captain Decir, made the trip to Viola, the capital of the independent island of Taurica, in 3 days. This was just enough time for Relcor to engulf himself in the forbidden, magical scrolls they stole from the Church and miss out on a few simple pleasures in life meanwhile, such as eating and sleeping – he did learn of some secrets regarding the history of the major races and landmarks of Salamira. It seems that his mind could withstand the magic contained within the scrolls – at least for the time being.

The others meanwhile learned that magic and magic items are both forbidden on the island, so they had to find some means to smuggle as much as they safely could to Taurica; a task with which they succeeded greatly. After forcing Relcor to finally rest and getting some sleep on solid ground themselves, the party made their way to the forgotten and, apparently, well-hidden standing stone that had once belonged to the Arcane Circle of the Emerald Rock.

The stone, they learned, had been destroyed by the ruler of the island, the First Witch Callisto, after her mother had been killed by the wizards a decade ago. They arrived to the arcane settlement of the circle in the dead of night and, using a spell of Quill's, they prevented a hunter in shooting at Io, a kata. The spirit in turn lead them safely to the stone and even gave some information to them about the strange behavior of the local wolves and how they turned to man when there was no moon.

While investigating the broken stone, the party was attacked by bloodhawks, a seemingly local, savage variant of the avian race, and quickly made their way into the concealed passage under the stone that their magic had revealed. Underground they soon discovered that the passage was, in fact, leading into the resting place of Akasha, an heir to the throne of Asur-naheb, the last medan witch king. They also had to find out the hard way that the grave was not simply heavily guarded with magic, traps and undead guards, but by Akasha herself.

A handful of fireballs by Sei and a well-timed lightning spell by Quill finally defeated the medan – but caused so much collateral damage that the main ceremonial hall begun to collapse. The party quickly made their way to a secret chamber hidden behind the burial hall of Akasha and made good use of the teleportation circle they had found there…

… only to find their wounded and exhausted selves among marble columns, with a pack of wolves that slowly began to circle towards them.

Game term update IV

All characters, though some barely, made it through the adventure.
Quill gained 6 AP for a total of 11 (of 7). She is now at level 7 with 4 AP (of 8).
Sei gained 7 AP, for a total of 8 (of 8). She is now at level 8 with 0 AP (of 9).
Relcor gained 3 AP, for a total of 5 (of 7).

Visiting Gerana

The party arrived to the Silvershaker's Hut, a place to find the trader who had made the peculiar music box to find out that
1) he had continuous dreams  about the tune he created the music box for and he received a good sum of extra money to use the dream-tone instead of the one that Lady Assylia had ordered
2) he owed a lot to a local avian mobster Rook, so his gang, called Rook's Wings, were out to get him to pay up
2) this was not the trader that Relcor knew by the same last name although he was a distant cousin of Zantumal

With the help of Quill's magic, the adventurers rescued the trader from the grasp of Rook's Wings and made their way to the Mandaryn, a brothel and asked around to find any clues as to the whereabouts of Malagar, Sei's lost ally (?) who was the one sending Silvershaker the dream-tone. They found out that he left for Taurica, a quasi-independent, matriarchal island state a few weeks back and has not been heared of ever since. Strangely enough, Zanthumal, the Silvershaker that Relcor wished he would meet, also visited the island not be heard from again.

Finding out what they could, they inquired about Fletch's whereabouts as the avian had disappeared from the pallets – and learned that he had been set free by the Church. Investigating further, the party found out that the avian has been granted absolution by a father Wenn. On their way, Quill and Relcor also obtained some well-guarded gems and ancient texts about a forgotten war before the beginning of Salamiran history.

The party decided to take a night's rest and leave for Taurica as soon as possible. After a night of strange, vision-like dreams they were waken by the alarming noises of their gwyllt companion. It seemed that the now-free-avian, Fletch, had led a group of determined and brutal inquisitors from the disbanded order of the Swordcross right to them – although their original goal was but to capture Sei, the whole party got dragged into the fight.

In a desperate battle with the churchmen, the adventurers were eventually able to fend off father Wenn and his followers and made their way back into the Mandaryn to prepare for their ship ride to Taurica…

Game term update III

All characters made it through the adventure. It was originally intended to be a part of the previous session, so the (automatic) AP gain is still a bit moderated.
Quill gained 4 AP for a total of 5 (of 7).
Sei gained 4 AP, for a total of 7 (of 7). She is now at level 7 with 0 AP (of 8).
Leonidas gained 1 AP, for a total of 1 (of 4).
Relcor gained 4 AP, for a total of 8 (of 6). He is now at level 6 with 2 AP (of 7).

Next time my plan is to reward you with the "missing" AP just for being there and participating (additional to the regular 1 or 2) as that session should move the overall campaign story and some personal character aspects forward greatly…

To Gerana

Noticing that the Blackmoon Rock has seemingly fallen to the True Mist, the trio of Quill, Relcor and Sei decided to just simply avoid getting close and find another solution to their orphan-problem (Mira) and find their reward for the Everfalls mill elsewhere. Unfortunately, the obelisk had other plans…

Suddenly the green fog that was just trickling began to flow with much greater force, soon covering the entire platoon where the runestone was erected, and in that mist, hooded figures appeared as if coming from the inside of the rock. Among them, a tall humanoid with antlers on its head, attacked the trio immediately upon arrival with a spell. Even though the spell missed, the gesture made it obvious that the party had been noticed.

When the spell kicked off, the party found a white raven that made its way to Mira's shoulder and that stayed around the girl ever since. Maybe it's nothing, but that bird resembled the familiar of Mira's older sister Cliara very closely…

The fight was short and swift though as the party replied with some of their strongest spells, quickly disabling all of the hooded cultists. They even got some unexpected help from Leonidas, a fighter sent forward from a committee of the close city-state of Gerana to scout the area and inform the wizards of their arrival. Unfortunately, just as they could've captured the antlered leader of the cult, he somehow evaporated, along with what seemed to be the True Mist and the crack on the Blackmoon obelisk. Was the whole green fog just an illusion or the obelisk somehow repaired itself and cleansed its surroundings?


Just as things went silent, a slythak wizard arrived from the nearby arcane village to make sure the stone was secure and to prepare for the arrival of the Geranian committe. She led the party to the village that had been attacked by the same cult the party has just defeated; most of the houses had been badly damaged, some of them completely destroyed. The few wizards of the circle helped the locals to get things in order again.

As the smell of the burning houses reached the party, Sei had a shockingly vivid, terrifying vision revealing the fate of her family to her – just as she wished a few nights back. It took Quill and Relcor both to calm her down. The sorceress told them that she now had a mortal enemy – a guy she previously considered a friend but who, as it turns out, had a lot to do with her parents' horrible torture and death. The others promised her their help with her revenge when the time comes.

Lady Assylia later found the time to consult the party and somewhat reluctantly gave them their reward – in a single bar of some gold-based mixture that had to be exchanged for coins at a bank – the closest of which is is in Gerana.


As the committee arrived, Assylia received a music box from someone named Silvershaker that she had ordered; when opening it, a sad, eerie tune began to play. A tune that Sei immediately recognized from her vision and that was certainly not what Assylia had asked for.

The committee also confirmed what the archwizard wanted to know: there has been no Fallings within the boundaries of Gerana… so she asked the party to visit the merchant city and somehow find out how it's possible that Gerana has never been cursed with the True Mist. Leonidas offered his company and protection to the trio which they gladly accepted.


They reached the border between the duchy of Tenebris and Gerana in four days to see the border guards aggressively trying to keep a beggar away from the outpost and the gates. As Quill rushed to the ragged strangers rescue, they could save the guy from the harassment. They soon found out that the beggar was something the guards called a gwyllt; it took the humane approach of the party to learn that he was a slave called Twenty-five from Gerana who wanted to meet the king of Salamira and tell him about his people's situation. The party decided immediately to help them and free them from slavery.

They arrived to the gates of Gerana two and a half days later. Within the walls of the rich city they shortly met Fletch, the vulture avian and an old friend of Quill's, waiting to be condemned for forgery and, soon after that, get executed – by mistake. As the price for his crime is 2500 gold pieces in geranian florins, the party made other plans to rescue him…

Game term update II

All characters made it through the adventure. It was intended to be a shorter session, so the AP gain was a bit moderated.
Quill gained 1 AP for a total of 1 (of 7).
Sei gained 4 AP, she is now at level 6 with 3 AP (of 7).
Relcor gained 1 AP for a total of 4 (of 6).


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