Mists of Salamira

Road to Blackmoon Rock

Before leaving for Everfalls – and further on to the wizards of Blackmoon Rock – the party decided to take a rest at the newly cleansed mill. Sei was the first to take guard and with the help of her familiar, she discovered that Mira, a child from Everfalls, along with some of her friends, decided to follow them on their adventure.

Unfortunately for the children, a giant wolf seemed took smell of them and was now circling the group, getting closer every minute. By the time Sei woke up the others, the party noticed another, much greater danger to the kids; it seems that the evil kata Graash felt the presence of unaccompanied children in her woods and decided to drag them away to her lair of maggots…

While Sei saved the life of a child and defeated the wolf, which, in fact, seemed to be a transformed, wicked version of the long-missing shepherd dog, Phoenix, Relcor and Quill fended off the kata and her spirit aids, the graashschilder. During the fight, Relcor used a power that made the others in the party question the source of his powers, as they've never seen magic tear up reality so that dark tendrils may come forth from unknown dimensions and attack with ferocious might…

After silence fell over the mill again, the party decided to rest before making it back to Everfalls the next morning. By then, the villagers have been looking for the missing children for at least 6 hours and were very much relieved when the heroes returned them safely to their families. Except for Mira's father, the settlement's blacksmith, who decided to immediately teach the girl a lesson and slapped her so hard that she almost fell unconscious. Being witness to all this and becose of some other issues they had noticed before, the party decided to take Mira with them to the wizards of Blackmoon Rock and place her in their custody. Quill and Sei decided that the avian will break the news of her sister's passing to Mira while it'll be the sorcerer who talks to the father about taking the child away.

The tiefling used some of her innate… persuading abilities to intimidate the blacksmith into letting her daughter go and so they left much sooner than the others anticipated. On their way to the arcane circle, Quill told Mira about her sister and the girl seemed to take the news quite well.

On a night of rest, Relcor noticed that the sky was full of shooting stars and remembered a kata called Lilac who could supposedly be summoned to grant wishes on nights like this one; soon they all made a wish to Lilac. Even though it's uncertain whether the wishes of the party were granted, but a prayer by Mira was most definitely made come alive.

She asked to be together with her sister again – and Lilac did her bidding, albeit – as it usually is with wishes – in a form twisted and dangerous. The kata summoned the gate of Terminus, the final gateway to the Netherworld and opened it for a few seconds; cold, dense fog and vicious specters looking to devour the warmth of life emerged. The party, mainly thanks to Quill's tiny hut spell, managed to fend off the sinister ghosts who eventually disappeared into the night.

It was two more days of strenuous travel before they first saw the monolith of Blackmoon Rock, an obelisk of obsidian, and it took a few hours of careful descent into a valley to reach it. Upon arrival, the party found nobody around the stone; instead, they discovered a seemingly deep crack running from the base of the structure towards the top of it.

A thick, pale-green vapor, not unlike the True Mist, was slowly flowing from the crack, almost as if the depth of the monolith was responsible for emitting it.

Game term update I

All characters made it through the introductory adventure.
Quill gained 5 AP +1 for creating a character image for herself; she is now at level 6 with 0 AP (of 7).
Sei gained 5 AP for 5 (of 6).
Relcor gained 3 (of 6).

The Curse over Everfalls Mill
Discovering unknown curses of the Fallings

Just as the heroes could've made themselves comfortable in Pinefort, enjoying the simple pleasures at the Purple Lamb, they were approached by Lady Assylia, who explained what she needed in return for two pounds of gold. They reached an agreement in a matter of minutes; the heroes were promised two and a quarter pounds and the wizard could leave assured that the old Everfalls Mill will be secured by expert hands.

The next day the team joined a small group of about 20 people setting out for Everfalls and made friends with the locals, who seemed star-struck by their presence, especially after experiencing Quill's performance of their previous adventures. They met the young, enthusiastic Mira as well, who asked them to bring back her dog, Phoenix, that ran away when the True Mist fell; she also explained them in great details about her wizard sister, Cliara.

Upon arrival to Everfalls, they cut the exemplary lashing of the judge short and fought off the few ruffians who claimed to be tax-collectors for the nearby barony of Stratos. With the life of their judge secured, the villagers invited the adventurers to a meal and rewarded them with some antitoxins. Before they could leave for the mill, the heroes were warned to cover their faces in the woods so as to avoid the attention of Graash, the weeping widow, an evil kata of the nearby forest.

About halfway to the mill, they found a bridge that should've been their way over a river rapid broken. Relcor not only found a statue of a water serpent, but also identified it as a wooden figurine of another kata, namely Arash, the keeper of bridges. The party managed to earn his good favor by presenting him with a few gold coins and some seaweed; this way, they could make it through without any trouble.

On the other side, they found a maggot-ridden pile of adventuring gear that used to belong to a woman who must've left it a long time ago. Quill managed to get a short wand out of the disgusting heap but they otherwise left it intact. The avian saw a shape of what probably was a woman about 200 feet away, but the mirage soon disappeared without a trace.

Not much before nightfall, the heroes reached the mill and found a ball of light slowly circling around the building that became faster as they got closer. They found it to be some sort of unnatural protection when they tried to examine it and the ball hit right among them, throwing them apart and knocking Sei unconscious with a terrible force of lightning.

After a quick regrouping and helping Sei back to life, they forced their way into the mill through a ground floor window, just to hear the ball of light appear again outside – and two things growling deeper inside. With Sei's bat familiar scouting the area, they found two man-beasts fighting each other next to the giant millstone, a white raven and some kind of twisted female figure with enlarged hands and dangerous claws. Unfortunately their surprise was ruined by the wretched white raven that had already known of their arrival and notified its master.

After disarming the two man-beasts and freeing the imprisoned miller gone mad with rage, the team finally defeated the spellcaster that was obviously some kind of leader to the others. After searching through the mill, they found traces of struggle but no blood – along with a spellbook and a diary of a wizard.

As the diary that proved to be a property of Cliara explained, the residual force of the True Mist proved to be capable of twisting not only the minds, but also the bodies of those trapped within. As it turned out, this power was undefeatable for her as well, turning her into that crooked figure the team had to defeat in battle.

All that was left for them now was to make their way back to Everfalls and then to Lady Assylia and explain their findings…

The Everfalls Mill
the heroes' introduction to Salamira

Everfalls got its name after a nearby waterfall that never freezes over, not even in the harshest of winters. It’s a settlement that lies among pine-covered hills and lively green meadows in the duchy of Tenebris, in the north west of the Hand.

It's only about a month ago when the True Mist fell all over the northwestern woods, and that included Everfalls as well. Most of the people fled to the safety of a nearby town, Pinefort, and they’ve taken most of their belongings with them.
The duchy is home to the Blackmoon Stone, a relatively powerful arcane circle led by Lady Assylia, niece of Duke Tenebris, and with the help of their magic, most of the duchy has been relieved of the pale green fog within weeks, along with most of the horrors it left behind.

With their magic starting to run out, the wizards were eventually forced to return to their central obelisk to replenish their reserves, just as the first refugees starting to return to their previous homes. However, some of the area has not been cleansed yet since the True Mist has been pushed back.


The Everfalls Mill, an old grindmill shared by Everfalls and some nearby settlements is one of these. Due to its importance to the locals and its almost central position among the hillside settlements, Lady Assylia wants to make sure that the area is safe to reclaim.

And, with the heroes in Pinefort, the solution seems easy enough…


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