Welcome to Salamira

Whatever brought you to the lands of Salamira, be it the talk of our capital, Salamis, the City of a Thousand Bridges; the rumors of the avian flocks and their air-caravans; the wondrous mechanic cargo of the sea-faring Traders or the legendary silver treasures of the swamp-dwelling slythak… I beg of you, turn back now and leave for safety before the Mist falls.

Staying still, are you? At least let me warn you what lies beyond the borders of this land…


It is said there were times when we didn’t have to fear the True Mist falling over the green forests, silver rivers and rich cities of Salamira. It was a time when you could easily travel the roads without fear of getting caught in the pale, green fog; when Traders would visit the shores every year, bringing exotic machines and potions from all over the known world; and when you could be sure that the loved ones you had buried did find their way into the Netherworld.

The days now are not like that. The travels are short and dangerous with armed troops of the warring lords and never before seen, half-minded monstrosities disrupting the roads. The Traders have all but disappeared, leaving only a handful of children behind. The passed-away get turned back at the gates of Terminus and wander the earth aimlessly when the True Mist falls…


We Salamirans thought magic could provide a solution, but the First Falling of the Mist had weakened the strings between the lands and the outer realms, both divine and arcane, making the life of wizards and clerics all the more difficult.

Nowadays they spend most of their days with seemingly superfluous arcane rituals in abandoned places or with divine studies and ceremonies in their churches and temples as they’re trying to hold on to the small amounts of power they had been granted. The people meanwhile turned to other ways of receiving the much needed magical help they craved, making way to a wave of demonic and spiritual possessions, dark pacts and pagan cults worshiping so-called kata.


That’s all you must know for now. Tread carefully and may the Creator and the twelve Zodiac look upon your travels…

Mists of Salamira

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