Mists of Salamira

Dream sequence

as told in Quill's diary

In the dream a slythak huntress had found a secret of the True Mist and tried to report it to the Old King. She couldn't meet with him, but got the information to him through proxy and was asked to team up with a young looking noblewoman to speak to an Oracle about the Witch King's descendants.

They didn't seem to get along, but they reached the Oracle in time to witness one of the Zodiac's attempt to kill her. They intervened, driving the Zodiac off, and in return the Oracle told them to return with another group that was also there to seek the answers to their questions.

The group in question were all near identical tieflings, and apparently came from a tribe of some sort. The slythak huntress and her human companion went, and found that the tribe of warriors were all descendants of the Witch King. The previous captain had fallen into a paralysis induced coma, and one of the lieutenants asked for our help stealing an amulet that would help her speak to him. The slythak huntress and her human companion, who seemed to have the ability to turn into a cat, did so with… enthusiasm, and what the captain had to say wasn't very encouraging. The Witch King himself had tried to take over his body, and when he wasn't successful he tried to end him.

The group decided that the only hope the tieflings had was to get both the old and new captains to the Old King, but when they went the teleportation was interfered with- instead of arriving in Salamis again, the slythak huntress found herself in some sort of shadow plane, and the two tieflings had been turned to stone. 


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