Mists of Salamira

Navigating Thuul-veela

Just as most of the party regained consciousness, paladins arrived from the Bannerkeep and started to clean up the collapsed tower and look for any survivors. Hope Rieta, the first cleric of Lilith and The Mantle, leader of the arcane circle of necromancers arrived as well and quickly determined that there were no dead under the rubble. Nor did they find the staff of Lady Assylia (leader of the Blackmoon Rock arcane circle and an acquaintance of the party) or the holy symbol that belonged to Domenicos, the first cleric of Eve. It seems they both vanished with Torgen and the others.

The party did manage to get some information from them, learning that Torgen probably escaped the destruction of his tower by getting to another plane of existence. Relcor also received a letter from Zanthumal, an old friend of his, that revealed that the headmaster of the Royal Hall was really up to no good and has been spying on the party for some time now.

The heroes sought out the elder sage, a half-dwarf who reluctantly helped them find a way to Thuul-veela, the Realm Beyond the Stars, the outer porch of the actual afterlife (be it heaven or hell), where the wizard had probably taken their friends. After getting some rest in the Wings and Beaks, a floating tavern over Salamis, hiring assassins of Lilith to help them on their quest to the other plane, gathering some information about Thuul-veela itself and finally saving Borok from being abducted to somewhere cold and bitter, the party eventually decided to get to Torgen by first helping The Mantle with her monster problem.

Following the necromancer to Daggerpyre Rock they could quite easily track the giant beast that turned out to be a hydra – and it was not alone; the mysterious guy in the antlers mask followed them with his gwyllt zombies and attacked them when the party was about to face the multi-headed monstrosity. It wasn't easy, but they managed to destroy them all.

They spent the night in Daggerpyre and found Astra missing from her room with signs of her being abducted just as Borok had almost been the night before. They could also hear the heart wrenching sound of an infant suffocating somewhere as they all remembered how Torgen had warned them not to be away for long…

Getting back to the standing stone of Daggerpyre they found The Mantle already in preparation of getting them to Thuul-veela – and she transported them all over to the porch of the afterlife before Malagar could've joined them.

Having basically lost the aid of another member of their quickly shrinking party, they managed to stop one of the ogre-drawn carriages of this scope of the Shadowfell and thus got to the walls of the shadow-city of Salamis, called Shadowmist, fairly quickly. Getting through the outer defenses comprised of a moat filled with moaning souls, a pack of hungry gargoyles, a small group of shadow archers and a seemingly bottomless trench with no safe bridges proved to be no easy task, especially as they were saving their spells for their friends' rescue mission, but they succeeded.

After they finally got inside, they even managed to avoid Torgen's scouting shadow ravens before they were approached by a tall, gloomy figure. He didn't really introduce himself, almost turned Borok's hand to smoke and eventually convinced the party about being an ally to them and managed to get them to follow him to where Torgen cannot hear or see them. This turned out to be the mausoleum of the very first martyrs of Salamiran history, Kalaveas and now the figure is assumed to be none other than that.


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