Mists of Salamira

Visiting Gerana

The party arrived to the Silvershaker's Hut, a place to find the trader who had made the peculiar music box to find out that
1) he had continuous dreams  about the tune he created the music box for and he received a good sum of extra money to use the dream-tone instead of the one that Lady Assylia had ordered
2) he owed a lot to a local avian mobster Rook, so his gang, called Rook's Wings, were out to get him to pay up
2) this was not the trader that Relcor knew by the same last name although he was a distant cousin of Zantumal

With the help of Quill's magic, the adventurers rescued the trader from the grasp of Rook's Wings and made their way to the Mandaryn, a brothel and asked around to find any clues as to the whereabouts of Malagar, Sei's lost ally (?) who was the one sending Silvershaker the dream-tone. They found out that he left for Taurica, a quasi-independent, matriarchal island state a few weeks back and has not been heared of ever since. Strangely enough, Zanthumal, the Silvershaker that Relcor wished he would meet, also visited the island not be heard from again.

Finding out what they could, they inquired about Fletch's whereabouts as the avian had disappeared from the pallets – and learned that he had been set free by the Church. Investigating further, the party found out that the avian has been granted absolution by a father Wenn. On their way, Quill and Relcor also obtained some well-guarded gems and ancient texts about a forgotten war before the beginning of Salamiran history.

The party decided to take a night's rest and leave for Taurica as soon as possible. After a night of strange, vision-like dreams they were waken by the alarming noises of their gwyllt companion. It seemed that the now-free-avian, Fletch, had led a group of determined and brutal inquisitors from the disbanded order of the Swordcross right to them – although their original goal was but to capture Sei, the whole party got dragged into the fight.

In a desperate battle with the churchmen, the adventurers were eventually able to fend off father Wenn and his followers and made their way back into the Mandaryn to prepare for their ship ride to Taurica…


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