Gods and religions

The Church of the Creator

The single true divine religion of Salamira that closely resembles the Dark Ages’ Roman Church but without a brutal agenda against pagans and with a clear and healthy interest in the ancient times’ knowledge and progress. He is the central god of Salamira, the only god as some fanatics might preach, who teaches law, strength and in a way, a true, divine knowledge of the world.


The circles of Eve and Lilith

The first two female characters of the Holy Enumeration, the central religious book of the Creator, have made their way into the faith of Salamiran people, especially that of women with Eve representing the light and Lilith showing the darker aspects of classic female attributions.

Eve is majestic, solemn and accepting; she holds power over marriages, childbirth and food; her clerics helps the poor by distributing food and water, and sometimes even coins among them.

Lilith is lustful, envious, vengeful and petty; she holds power over lust and passion and demands authority over any act carried out in a state overflowing emotions. Women usually turn to her clerics when they’ve been wronged, cheated on and they want revenge, instead of the solice Eve might bring them.


The swamp-shamans of Snil

The worship of Snil, the Yellow Lizard is based on ancient rock-carvings found all over the Salamiran marshes. The god can be either male or female as it wishes. Snil cares for the protection, welfare and propagation of the slythak tribes.


The kata

Intermediary between the material plane and the forces of nature, stars or of the spirit realm, the kata are all around Salamira in one form or another. The most important ones are almost like gods; spirit-gods that may even walk the earth. These dozen are commonly called the Zodiac pantheon. They do not have clerics, but the wise know of ways to consult and bargain with them and even common folk tend to meet them when wandering too far off the road.
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Gods and religions

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