Races of Salamira

The average and most numerous are the humans, making up for about three-fourth of the population. The Salamirans are dark-haired, bright eyed, quite high and heavily built.

The avian are two sub-races of intelligent birds that are closely connected to the kata of air and thus able to obtain a hybrid, feather-covered, winged humanoid form with a beak instead of their mouth and nose. They travel as free merchants in flocks with their caravans they tow over the skies. They are instinctively drawn to shiny things and thus the rogue profession.

The sylthak are scaled humanoids with lizard tails that are native to the marshes of Salamira guarding ancient treasures near their nests.

The traders are a handful of short, pointy-eared left-behinds who possess their ancestors’ affinity for mechanics and alchemy.

There has also been a couple of thiefling families around from the start.


There are no native elves, thus no half-elves, dwarves, halflings, half-orcs or the regular dragonborn in Salamira – though about a handful of them found a way into the country from faraway lands of the world.

Races of Salamira

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