Schools and education

Although Salamira is primarily a Dark Ages-type of kingdom, education is not at all sparse over the Old King’s lands. What’s sparse is the actual necessity for a person to read or write, especially the latter. In rural areas, most people can easily get by without being able to write nothing more than their names. If, however, people feel the need to study, they can receive institutionalized education in four forms.

Every settlement, no matter how small, has at least a single shrine or a small chapel for the Creator and the people in charge of that, usually clerics, have a duty to teach what they know to their flock. Most people learn to read, to do simple maths with number under 100 and to write their names from local monks or priests of the Creator or the witch-clerics of Eve.

In cities, where there are artisan guilds, they usually train their own future craftsmen. These are mostly practical studies, but the guilders also learn how to count and write fluently. This training is rarely free of charge – however, the study fees are usually calculated in a contract between the guild and the artisan-to-be that states a few years of service within that specific guild.
Studying magic at the arcane circles to become a wizard is quite similar to this sort of education where novices learn the means of magic and their first few spells.

So-called higher education is received in the three bishopric seats in what’s called monastic schools, where monks teach worthy students to discipline, liberal and creative arts and sciences. Most scholars of Salamira study in one of these schools where they also maintain rich codex and scroll libraries.

The highest level of education might be received at the Royal Hall in the capital, Salamis. It’s senate is shared by the city council and the Old King’s appointed royal scholars who are both responsible for the finances of the institution and the education of the attendees. The Royal Hall teaches all known sort of courses, liberal arts, law, theology, natural and medical sciences and royal magic…

Schools and education

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