Rules regarding equipment

As Salamira is a kingdom on the verge of anarchy from around the early Middle Ages, things like crossbows and any kind of plate armor is almost unheard of. The Traders used to bring such things from their travels to faraway lands but since it’s been almost 30 years they actually last showed up on the Salamiran shores, weapons and armor of the late Middle Ages are extremely rare, possibly faulty and really expensive.

On the other hand, almost everyone has seen a battle or two, be it a skirmish of a greedy noble or a defensive campaign against a nomadic army from the Bloodfields. Most people teach their children how to handle themselves in a fight and how to protect themselves with a sword or at least a club. So the plus side is, characters of every class and almost every background are proficient with light armor and with simple melee weapons.
Characters who would be proficient with light armor (and not medium or heavy armor) with the original rules as well have two options: they either get the medium armor proficiency or they can get proficient with an additional skill. This way their original edge of armor will not be negated.  

The minus side is the equipment prices.

The price of the scale, chain and splint armor is multiplied by 1,5.
Half plate armor and full plate armor are three times as expensive. This multiplier is also applied to any repair costs – and then there is also the problem of finding an armorer that's even proficient enough with this. The CR for creating and repairing plate armor is +5.

Crossbows are particularly rare and cost three times their original value. Hand crossbows' multiplier is 5. This does not apply to the bolts, but it does to the repairs. Only the free city of Gerana has craftsmen who can create and repair crossbows and there are some lonely traders who might be able to help.

Rules regarding equipment

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